Sunday, 3 January 2016

Feeling Fat, People Experiencing Increase Risk Precisely Weight

Got a body fat does not necessarily increase one\’s awareness about his lifestyle. If that appears precisely the sense of stress, it could be the weight it will continuously rise unnoticed. A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Liverpool says people who know that they are overweight or obese, are more at risk for weight gain than those who think otherwise. This is because those who identify themselves as \’overweight\’ are more likely to overeat in response to stress. The pattern of uncontrolled overeating and is then led to weight gain. \”Realizing that you are someone who

is overweight actually makes you seemed to lose. You like should have a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes this is difficult,\” said one researcher, Dr. Eric Robinson, as quoted by the Daily Mail on Saturday (09/05/2015). According to Robinson, the findings can be highlighted to find other ways to help a person with excess weight in order to live healthier. \”The important thing is to find a way to overcome the stigma in the community. People who are overweight have a challenge on their own body image. Listen to complaints and take to find a way out together,\” he added.

Feeling Fat, People Experiencing Increase Risk Precisely Weight

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